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This section is divided in 2 main areas: public deals and member-only deals.

Public deals are open to anyone to join: just click on the link and you’re done!

Member-only are accessible through the full subscription, only.


Public Deals


⭐ 30% off for 4 months on any Memberstack plan ⭐


👏🏻Get a free international transfer of up to €500👏🏻

Open Sea

Free gas for your NFTs

Trends by The Hustle

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CrocoBlock Plug-ins

Get discounts on the best Elementor plug-ins out there: JetEngine, JetSmart, JetSearch, etc...

Members Only Deals

These are the benefits you can get from subscribing: 

$5,000 credit on AWS 

$2,000 credit on Airtable

$10,000 credit on Freshworks

$500 credit on Bubble

12 months free on Sendgrid

6 months free on Typeform

… And much more!

 Premium Membership enables you to access all deals unlimited. 

Example of coupons and deals you get with membership (=1 coffeee/day):