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Content optimization, technical SEO, off-site SEO, business citations and Google My Business listings


We got a compunded 20 years of experience in the SEO market and we specialize in vertical-targeted SEO. Wether you are a local, national, continental or global company or you just run a local artisanal shop, we got the right solution, at the right price for you.

We pair you with a dedicated account manager, easy and quick to access.

Fields of expertise

Local SEO

Ideal for small/medium sized businesses, regional or national. We focus on keyword rankings for service related keywords combined with hyper-local geo-targeting.


Here we focus on a broader perspective, Google My Business listings and scaled geo-targeting. Ideal for multi-regional medium businesses or expanding operations.

Corporate SEO

For national, international corporations, and/or complex operations.

Phrase targeting and structured multi-page taxonomies are key, here.

Franchise SEO​

We work with many franchisors and franchisee. We can build custom solutions that work best for your structure. We understand franchises and their challenges.

Our optimal approach to SEO

Our key differentiators

Keyword research

Filling your pages with top ranking keywords in your field.





Technical SEO

Everything affecting the user experience on your website: site speed, mobile responsiveness, SSL security, etc! We’ll optimize everything.



Content Optimization

Strategic integration of the previous steps to further optimize your site’s performance and ranking.




Link Building

Our skilled marketing team get your website in the most relevant web directories, databases, classified websites, GPS maps, and even in voice assistant engines. So you’ll be found, no matter where or how they search.

On-page seo

Title tags, meta descriptions, taxonomy, and content properly optimized. We’ll also make content recommendations to avoid being flagged by search engines.

Off-page seo

Managing Google My Business in order to stand out in Google’s eyes among the competition.



E-Commerce SEO

Specialized techniques for online stores. From product pages optimization to category pages to individual products and CTA, buttons, payment processors. All has its own importance for ranking.

Lead tracking

With Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, we can appropriately track leads and when they come from: SEO, ads, social, etc. So you can optimize your traffic spending.


Why Ongoing SEO

We deliver on a monthly basis. While you won’t waste your budget, we can keep you relevant when it counts for your business. And when you’ll see those results, you’ll keep coming back for more.

THE PROCESS: 1. Campaign setup 2. Optimization 3. Link Building 4. Communications 5. Campaign Review 6. Technical Review 7. Ongoing Optimization 8. Reporting


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